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During the first three years of life, infants and toddlers experience significant milestones in their development. Sensitive periods, also known as “prime times” occur in this timeframe. During prime times, both positive and negative experiences have a greater chance of affecting the development of infants and toddlers in a serious and sustainable manner. Our talented infant and toddler specialized sleep consultants and infant massage instructors consider your family’s unique needs in developing a detailed and individualized plan. We will walk you through this journey step by step while discovering joy and happiness, and instilling confidence in you, as parents. Under the guidance of our principal consultant, Minnie Mossop (Master of Art in Infant and Early Childhood Development as well as Master of Education in Early Childhood Education) - an expert in infant and toddler development, we provide face to face and/or online services with different packages that are tailored to suit your unique needs. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family.


Every Family Deserves a Good Night’s Sleep



This program is suitable for teaching your child aged between 4 months and 3 years old, the skills necessary to sleep through the night and take long solid naps during the day. It is a (up to) 21 day program which includes:


  • Analysis of questionnaire
  • Initial consultation (60-90 Minutes)
  • A week-long preparation week
  • A customized implementation plan with 15 minutes of virtual meeting support
  • Unlimited e-mail support* and limited telephone support**
  • Final assessment

      *   Will respond to e-mails within 1 (one) business day

      **  Telephone support is limited to a maximum of 4 quick calls (5-15 mins)

If you live in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, and Coquitlam, the in-home consultation is included in the price. If you are located outside of these cities, you may consider purchasing the add-on travel fee package for an in-home consultation. The virtual meeting (Facetime or Skype) only option is also available for remote clients.

Moon package price – $550
Virtual meeting only option (Facetime or Skype) – $450
Additional travel fee add-on – Varies based on distance. Please contact us for pricing.



This package is for expecting parents and parents of newborn babies up to 4 months of age. During the early months, it is encouraged to teach your baby the right start to a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. This package includes:


  • Up to a 2 hour informative session
  • Customized follow up by email

      *   A professional gift certificate will be provided 


Star package price - $150
Additional travel fee add-on - Varies based on distance. Please contact the consultant



After basic consultation, if the parents prefer us to be present to show how to properly apply the sleep training, this package is the ultimate and most effective choice. We usually arrive one hour prior to your baby’s nap time or bed time. 

Half night (7 hours) package price – +$500
Overnight (12 hours) package price – +$900



In some instances, families may require additional consultation in order to achieve their intended sleep goals. In this case, parents can add-on extra days to their initial package. Based on the extra duration, email service will be extended accordingly.


Basic 7 days package add-on price – $100
A further 7 days add on price – $80




If you interested in having a group workshop, or any other special inquiries, please contact us via email: minnie@cdababysolutions.com.


International Association of Infant Massage : IAIM


This program is most suitable for pre-crawlers (usually aged between 3 weeks and 6 months) and their families. If your baby is too young to start formal sleep training, or if you want to try to help your baby's sleep in a very gentle way while having a bonding experience, this is a wonderful option for your family. Classes follow the manuals from the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).  



  • Interaction

          -  Promoting secure attachment through verbal and non verbal communication

          -  Helping parents understand their babies' cues so they can improve their parenting skills and gain confidence

  • Stimulation

          - Boosting better circulation and digestion as well as releasing positive hormones through nurturing touch

          - Promoting babies' general growth and development including physical, cognitive and social/emotional

  • Relief

          - Consoling colic symptoms, gastrointestinal discomfort and teething pain

          - Helping babies' physical and psychological tension

  • Relaxation

          - Improving sleep though reducing stress hormones

          - Promoting self regulation through positive soothing experiences 



  • Mother(s) and/or father(s) and their babies
  • Sleeping babies are welcome (You don't need to wake them up)
  • Other primary caregivers such as grandparents are welcome as well
  • Babies who were born prematurely or special needs are more than welcome. In order to best accommodate you, please indicate this if you need special assistance on the inquiry form



  • Private Class

          - 4 sessions, one session per week

          - 60 minutes long

          - Packages start at $350

  • Small group Class

          - 5 sessions, one session per week

          - 60 to 90 minutes depending on the group size

          - Packages start at $100


Depending on the venue rental, group size, the travel distance, etc. prices may vary. For further assistance about pricing, please contact us via minnie@cdababysolutions.com.



  • Of course, your baby!
  • A small blanket (babies usually pee or poop more during the massage since they are relaxed so if you want, you can bring a water proof mat).
  • A baby doll if you have one (soft body but plastic face, arms and legs are OK, similar size to your baby would be the best)




We recently had 5 weekly sessions for infant massage with Minnie and it was great! I didn't know how important was to include a massage as part of a baby's routine. It offers so many benefits for babies and parents. Minnie is a great instructor, very patient showing the massage routines and very knowledgeable. She provided lots of tips and set up a great environment to enjoy the class. I highly recommend this class with Minnie.

     Sandra, C. Vancouver, BC


It was a wonderful 4 weeks with Minnie. My husband and I learned different strokes and how to read our baby's cues. It provided a great opportunity to bond with Jason, and especially for my husband. Jason sleeps better now and seems to enjoy the massages, more and more. I must had that we loved Minnie's calm nature. She made us feel welcomed and relaxed. She is also very knowledgeable and professional but at the same time, very sweet and personable. Thank you, Minnie!

      Christine, S. Vancouver, BC




Parenting is not easy, especially if you are new parents.

Your spouse, parents, friends, someone from a mommy group that you belong to and even strangers you have just met on the street, can give you conflicting opinions. We specialize in helping you resolve a multitude of parenting issues based on scientifically proven, recent studies. Are you struggling with behaviour, eating, toilet training, sibling rivalry, or any other parenting issues? Do you want to know how to truly bond with your baby while still addressing these problems? We can help you with an customized plan that is tailored to your family's situation. 

Consultation fees can vary based on the type and severity of your issues. Please contact us via minnie@cdababysolutions.com for more details.