Minnie Mossop (MA, MEd)

Principal Consultant



My name is Minnie Mossop. I am a passionate, certified sleep consultant, infant massage instructor, early childhood educator and parent educator who specializes in infants and toddlers. I am an active member of three international organizations : Western Canada Association of Infant Mental Health (WCAIMH), Collaborative for Understanding the Pedagogy for Infant/toddler Development (CUPID), Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC), and International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). I am also the co-founder of 서양 엄마 따라잡기: A Support Group for Korean-born Mothers Who Live Abroad. My services are very flexible in terms of meeting the unique needs of any family. Under my family-centred approach, I see parents as experts of their own child, and respect them in terms of their choices for their babies and their cultural diversity. As a facilitator, I support families to make the best possible decision by providing proper information and empower them by teaching skills and strategies.

I have been in the early childhood education field for nearly 20 years. My passion for infants and toddlers led me to this business and has been highlighted by the completion of my Master’s degrees in Infant and Early Childhood Development (MA) as well as Early Childhood Education (MEd), Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, infant development/supported child program certification, infant mental health certification, and over 15 years of child care provider experience at various for profit and non-profit organizations. I am currently a faculty member of the Early childhood Education programs at Douglas College and I am also working on my PhD focusing on infant mental health and parent education. Based on these types of experiences and education, I believe I am able to see a bigger scope when dealing with baby issues. In other words, I consider a baby’s general growth and development in all areas (e.g., physical, cognitive, social/emotional) as well as the attachment theory which is a crucial milestone in first three years of a human being.

I believe your baby’s well-being is a matter of the whole family’s well-being. I would be really happy to work with you during the process of getting to know your family, addressing your baby’s sleep issues, supporting attachment between you and your baby, and furthermore, enhancing the happiness in your family.