What to expect

          Now, you feel that it is time for change. You worry that your baby doesn’t sleep because you know her lack of sleep will effect her development and growth. Also, you and your partner haven’t had a good sleep last few months or so. You find yourself being exhausted,impatient, and not productive as much as you used to. In some cases, this causes the relationship issues with your partner. Yes! It is time to change.

          You have chosen us and we guarantee you that will experience the best individualized service from us. Before starting this journey together, we would love to let you know what you will go through. It may sound scary, but you know we will do our best to make this journey smoother and shorter. So, believe in us and yourself and follow us. You will see the dramatic change within few weeks and you can have your date night back!

          1. Your baby will cry.

          We will find a way to reduce your baby’s crying since you, a loving and caring parent will feel pain on every part of your body when you listen your precious baby’s crying. Bad news is sleep training involves crying. I know it is sad. The good news is it is a different crying! It doesn’t mean he/she is crying because she is sad or in pain. It doesn’t mean he/she feels betrayed you since you let him/her cry. They are crying because he/she is frustrated during the process of learning how to fall asleep (they don’t know what to do). He/she is crying to protest you because he/she want his/her old sleep props (nursing, rocking, walking, pacifier, etc). The better news is this crying is temporary. He/she will stop crying when he/she masters how to put himself/herself to sleep. He/she will enjoy resting his/her body and mind and become more energetic! We can promise you!

          2. Your life will revolve around his/her sleep. 

          Sleep training requires parents’ time, energy and commitment. Your priority will be your baby’s sleep. We know you are busy at work, need to go to grocery shopping, take the older one to school, want to meet your friends, have a dinner party to go to, and prepare a family gathering. However, next few weeks, you need to come back home on time for his/her sleep. Yes, we mean both naps and night sleep. You can be flexible once your baby complete the sleep training, but not during it. Your schedule is determined based on his/her sleep schedule. If you are planning to have special events such as moving, travel, going back to work, having an another child, etc, it is not a good time to start the sleep training. We can wait until when you are ready. Let us know when the best for your family is.

           3. You will be tested.

           When your baby is crying, you want to be rush to him/her and pick him/her up. When your baby cannot sleep, you feel that you need to help him/her by rocking and walking. When he/she looks very tired and cranky, it is tempting to go for a stroller ride or a car ride. When your baby wakes up at night, you know that he/she will fall back to sleep after you nurse after you bring him/her to your bed. We all understand. You will find yourself to be challenged because you are a caring parent. Your instinct as a good parent keeps saying, ‘go to your baby and help him/her!’ However, what is your baby’s best interest? You can still love him/her endlessly during the sleep training. Are you worried about attachment? We can tell you one thing. You don’t need to worry! If someone tells you your baby will have a attachment issue because you have sleep trained your baby, this person misunderstand Bowlby’s attachment theory!. Bowlby didn’t say you need to let your child do whatever he/she wants without guidance. Bowlby didn’t say you cannot teach something to your baby since it may be tough to your baby at first. Trust me! If you are a responsive parent during the whole day and be firm about undesired behaviours such as sleep issues, you are not going to have any problems to develop secure based attachment with your baby.

           4. Feeding too??

           You are here to address your baby’s sleep issues, not the feeding issues. We know. You may have fed him/her on demand. You see he/she seems hungry and you feed him/her right away to make your baby happy again with his/her full belly. However, feeding and sleeping go together. Without proper feeding schedule, it is impossible to address his/her sleep issues. Moreover, if your baby has established solids, the types of foods affects his/her sleep. Of course, if you are a breastfeeding mother, your diet impacts on his/her sleep tremendously. In terms of night time nursing, we are not going to ask you to stop nursing if you want to continue. We will find the best way of night time nursing which is accommodates his/her quality sleep. However, we advise you to wean night time nursing if your baby is over 6 month and healthy.

           Sleep is a learned skill. We cannot sleep for him/her. We can only help him/her to find his/her own way to sleep. Mastering sleep will be a gift for your baby. 

If you are ready for change, please contact us via minnie@cdababysolutions.com