Looking at the very busy lives of toddlers : A new perspective

          Toddlers… Too busy? Can't sit still? Is it true that your toddler cannot focus on just one thing? Is your little one’s attention span so short that it’s impossible to have him/her sit down for more than three mins? Are you worried when your friend's child sits still and names the alphabets from a book while yours has played with more than five toys, three books and now he/she is looking at the zipper of your jacket? The following quote will transform what you have thought about your toddler. 

"We often say that toddlers have trouble paying attention. What this actually means is that they have trouble NOT paying attention. So, what they are doing is being very, very sensitive to all of the patterns of information, everything that is happening around them. Moreover, then they are taking that information and putting them to use by trying to solve problems and figure out what's going on in the world"

From "the beginning of life."

          They just focus on too many things, so it is easy to misunderstand them. Letting them explore the details of the world in their own timeline may be the best way to teach them how the world works. Your toddlers may seem too busy, can't focus and be a bit slower than others; they may be learning more things. Who knows! One day, your busy little may surprise you with what he/she has learned! 


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